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Cards, Memorabilia, and our CUSTOM BarnDoorBox! 

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Basketball Stadium

The BarnDoorBoxTM is designed to completely protect a variety of graded slabs (PSA, SGC, CGS and in some cases BGS) for shipping. 

NO more cutting cardboard boxes and using massive amounts of tape to protect your valuable PSA graded slabs!


  • Complete all around protection

  • Reusable (Environmentally Friendly)

  • NO Tape or Glue (Tension Based Seal)

  • Quick and Easy to use (Only folding required)

  • Time saving

  • Stackable; easy shipping for multiple cards in one shipment.

Introducing the

How it works!

Shoot the J... Shoot it!

Seeking additional info?

If you are looking for quantities over 800 that are available in the shop, or looking to have your custom design added to our mailers please fill out the info below and we will get back to you ASAP!

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